Sweden Public Holidays 2019

Known for its low temperatures, Sweden has been increasingly sought after by Brazilians due to the high quality of life and beautiful landscapes. IF you program visit the land of the Vikings, it is very important to check the list of holidays In Sweden on 2019.

This will help you better schedule your trip, even more that some holidays are pretty cool in the country, like Midsommar.

List of holidays in Sweden on 2019

01 – New Year
06 – Epifania

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

19 – Holy Friday
21 – Easter
22 – Easter Monday

01 – Labor Day
30 – Ascension of Jesus

06 – Sweden Day
09 – Pentecost
22 – Summer Solstice

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

There are No holidays this month at 2019.

02 – All Saints ‘ Day

25 – Christmas
26 – Saint Stephen

Meaning of holidays

Ascension of Jesus

Religious Holiday in which celebrates the Ascension of Jesus to heaven.

Sweden Day

The Sveriges Nationaldag, as written in the Swedish language, is the national official day of the country. The date is marked by celebrations and civic acts.

This Holiday was chosen to remind the election of Gustavo Vasa as king of Sweden in 1523. Initially, until 1982, it was known as the Swedish Flag Day.

Summer Solstice (Midsommardagen)

Known only as Midsommar, the national holiday marks the first day of summer and is considered one of the most important dates in the country.

The Summer solstice always takes place on Friday, between June 19 and 26, allowing the Swedes to have a long weekend to enjoy a lot.

Other Holidays in Sweden

It is Worth remembering that, in addition to national holidays, each region of the country has its own holidays. Write down your schedule for these dates and enjoy your stay in Sweden.

Travel to Sweden

Before you go to Sweden, or any other country in Europe, check the requirements indicated on the website of the consulate. If It is only for tourism, do not forget the international travel insurance; If your purpose is to live, be aware of what is required to take the visa.