List of All Countries in South America

All Countries in South America

Below, please see an alphabetical list of all 12 independent countries of South America from Argentina to Venezuela.

South America Overview

With slightly less than 12% of the earth’s surface and 6% of the world’s population, South America is a subcontinent that involves the portion south of America (the american continent) with an extension of 17-819 100 km2.

Four-fifths of the continent are below the Line of the Equator, being that South America is bathed by the Caribbean sea, Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean. To the west, we have the vast mountain chain of the Andes, which reaches up to 6.700 m of altitude at some points and it is from Venezuela, covering the whole of the band western South America, in direction to its extreme-southern.

In the north, is dominated by dense and humid Amazon rain Forest, while in the central area we have the mudflats that comprise the Pantanal brazilian and bolivian Chaco. To the south, the plains and savannahs, while on the east coast, the old forest, the seaside has disappeared almost completely to favor the occupation of the industrial and agricultural.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the ethnic composition of the population, the south American is basically of indians, whites and blacks, which miscigenaram in greater or lesser degree in each territory. Without surprise, countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil have a strong European descent.

Map of Countries in South America