Portugal Public Holidays 2019

Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is a country with a culture similar to Brazil, since we were colonized for many years by the Portuguese. The Land has been the destination of thousands of Brazilians, either to spend only a time or live in definitive.

If you plan to travel to the country, check out the Portugal holiday list on 2019. It is very important to know when national holidays occur, in addition to the places, to better schedule your trip.

Portugal Holidays List at 2019

  • January
    01 – New Year
  • February
    There are No holidays this month at 2019.
  • March
    There are No holidays this month at 2019.
  • April
    19 – Holy Friday
    21 – Easter
    25 – Freedom Day
  • May
    01 – Labor Day
  • June
    10 – Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities
    20 – Corpus Christi (Body of God)
  • July
    There are No holidays this month at 2019.
  • August
    15 – Assumption of Our Lady
  • September
    There are No holidays this month at 2019.
  • October
    05 – Implementation of the Republic
  • November
    01 – All Saints
  • December
    01 – Restoration of Independence
    08 – Day of the Immaculate Conception
    25 – Christmas

Meaning of holidays

Liberty Day

Known also known as “Carnation Day” or “The revolution of the 25th of April”, the holiday is one of the most important in the country and marks the end of the Portuguese dictatorship.

On April 25, 1974, was knocked down the Estado Novo, active since 1933, by António de Oliveira Salazar.

The name “Day of the Carnation” arose on account of the history of Red Carnations, in which a woman named Celeste Caeiro held in her hands red carnations.

The military had the habit of asking the population for food or cigarettes, but Celeste offered only what he possessed: the carnations.

After that, the soldiers put the flower in the barrel of the shotgun.

Portugal, Camões and Communities Day

It Recalls the death of Luís Vaz de Camões, which occurred in the year 1580 – although there are some controversies.

The author is one of the main Portuguese literature and one of his famous works is “The Lusíadas”.

After the end of the dictatorship, the date also began to honor the country and its communities scattered throughout the world.

Assumption of Our Lady

A very religious Holiday, it has several pilgrimage and festivals of the Catholic Church.

Implementation of the Portuguese Republic

It Celebrates the Implementation of the Republic, a fact that occurred on October 5, 1910, the result of a revolution initiated on the 2nd of the same month.

Restoration of Independence

The date dates back to the year 1640, when D. João I, Duke of Braganza, is proclaimed king of Portugal.

That is, it is the period that marks the end of the Iberian union between Portugal and Spain.

Day of the Immaculate Conception

Last Holiday before Christmas, the Day of the Immaculate Conception celebrates the life of the Virgin Mary.

Undeniably, it is an important date for the Catholic Church and its faithful.

Other Holidays in Portugal

In Addition to national holidays, the Lusophone country has municipal holidays. You need to check the timetable of the place where you go, so you will be able to know the regional events.

Travel to Portugal

Before going to Portugal, or any other country in Europe, check the requirements indicated on the website of the consulate.

If It is only for tourism, do not forget the international travel insurance; However, if your intention is to live, be aware of what is required to take the visa.