List of All Countries in Oceania

Oceania, which lies both above and below the equator, covers an area of 8,971,000 square kilometers, accounting for 6% of the global land area. As the smallest continent,  Oceania was named by the Danish geographer Malte, with the name meaning “ocean in the land”. The continent has a total of 25 independent countries and territories, with a combined population of about 52.25 million. Residents are mainly descendants of European settlers and indigenous people, and most speak English. Residents of the three island groups of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia also speak local languages, with most people believing in Christianity.

Countries in Oceania by Population

Currently, there are 14 independent countries in Oceania. Among them, the largest country is Australia and the smallest is Nauru. The full list of countries in Oceania is shown in the table below, with latest total population.

Rank Independent Country Current Population


1 Australia 25,318,081 Australia and New Zealand
2 Papua New Guinea 8,558,800 Melanesia
3 New Zealand 4,366,765 Polynesia
4 Fiji 884,887 Melanesia
5 Solomon Islands 667,044 Melanesia
6 Vanuatu 304,500 Melanesia
7 Samoa 199,052 Polynesia
8 Kiribati 120,100 Micronesia
9 Federated States of Micronesia 103,000 Micronesia
10 Tonga 100,651 Polynesia
11 Marshall Islands 55,500 Micronesia
12 Palau 21,000 Micronesia
13 Tuvalu 10,640 Polynesia
14 Nauru 10,084 Micronesia

Territories in Oceania by Population

The list of all 11 territories is shown in the table below, with latest total population and dependencies.

Rank Dependent Territory Current Population Territory of
1 New Caledonia 278,500 France
2 French Polynesia 275,918 France
3 Guam 172,400 United States
4 American Samoa 56,700 United States
5 Northern Mariana Islands 56,200 United States
6 Cook Islands 18,100 New Zealand
7 Wallis and Futuna 11,700 France
8 Norfolk Island 1,748 Australia
9 Niue 1,611 New Zealand
10 Tokelau 1,499 New Zealand
11 Pitcairn Islands 50 United Kingdom

Map of Countries in Oceania

Map of Oceania Countries

Climate  of Oceania

Most of Oceania is comprised of tropical and subtropical regions, with the exception of South Show and inland areas of Australia, which have temperate and continental climates. There are also some area that have tropical maritime climate. Although most of the vertical radiation in the sun under the ocean but the brink of not too hot. The average temperature is mostly 25°C to 28°C, although in Queensland temperatures can get as hot as 55°C, the hottest in Oceania. Precipitation throughout the area is diverse. Australia has an arid climate, with an annual average precipitation of 250 mm . Oceania also has frequent typhoons, especially near the Caroline Islands in Polynesia, considered to be the birthplace of the typhoon.