List of All Countries in European Union

One of the most important developments of the period after the end of the Second World War was the process that led, in a continent marked by explosions of nationalist rivalries that led to wars that caused millions of deaths and changed the course of history, the emergence of the European Union. This experiment has been in evidence lately due to the crisis that has faced, such as, for example, the debt crisis of some countries that are part of the so-called Zone of the Euro, the rise of movements and parties, the nationalists, the issue of refugees who wish to enter the countries-members and the so-called Brexit.

All Countries in European Union

As noted by the CIA Factbook, the European Union is not yet a federation, but already transcended the condition of simple trade agreement free trade (as is, for example, Mercosur) and has some characteristics usually associated with independent nations: currency (as will be seen, the Euro for most of the members), flag, political, foreign and military common, legislative, diplomatic representation, etc.

Map of Countries in European Unions