List of All Countries in Europe

European – the continent with the most tortuous coastline
Europe Overview

Europe is located in the northwestern Eastern Hemisphere, the Arctic Ocean is to the north and the Atlantic is to the west. To the south, across the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar, is Africa. The full name is Europa Island, meaning “land of the sun.” Europe has 45 countries and regions, with a population of 726 000 000, or about 1.5% of world’s total population. It is the world’s most densely populated continent, and most residents are of the white race. Covering an area of 1016 square kilometers, it accounts for 6.8% of the world’s land area. Its languages belong to the Indo-European language family (90% of the European population speaks one of these languages), with Uralic and Caucasian languages also spoken. The European language English is the world’s most widely used language. Residents are Protestant Christian and Catholic.

European history
Europe was the location of the Greek and Roman classical civilizations and the birthplace of German civilization. It was first in the world to develop capitalism, sparking the economic and cultural development of the area. The the 17th century bourgeois revolution in Britain marked the beginning of the world’s modern history. In the 18th century, the landmark British Industrial Revolution occurred. Modern Europe is a war-torn region, as two world wars have erupted here. In 1949 and 1955 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for the United States and the Warsaw Pact Organization for the Soviet Union were established, setting up the confrontation of two major military blocs between Eastern and Western Europe. After the founding of the European Community, Western Europe gradually moved from the joint development of economic cooperation to political cooperation as well. 1989 and 1990 witnessed major political changes in Eastern Europe, as some countries have had political power change hands. In 1991, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia were divided. At present, with the accelerated process of European integration, new vitality has been injected into the European economy.

List of All Countries in Europe

Below please see an alphabetical list of all 51 independent countries of Europe from Albania to United Kingdom..

Map of Countries in Europe

Map of European Countries