List of Foreign Embassies in Fiji

The following are embassies and consulates of other countries to Fiji:

Embassy of Australia
City: Suva
Address: 37 Princes Road, Tamavua (P.O. Box 214)
Telepone: 338 2211
Fax: 338 2065

Embassy of Australia
City: Suva
Address: 37 Princes Road, Tamavua, Suva Fiji (PO Box 214)
Telepone: 382211
Fax: 382065

Embassy of Belgium
City: Suva
Address: Munro, Leys & Co, Air Pacific House, Butt Street, Suva (Mailing: P.O. Box 149, Suva, Fiji)
Telepone: 314.188
Fax: 302.672

Embassy of Canada
City: Suva
Address: c/o Canadian Airlines International, P. O. Box 10690, Nadi Airport, Suva
Telepone: 721936
Fax: 721936

Embassy of Denmark
City: Suva
Address: 7th Floor, Pacific House, Butt Street, Suva, Fiji
Telepone: 315199
Fax: 300947

Embassy of France
City: Suva
Address: Dominion House – Scott Street – 7?e ?age
Telepone: 312 233, 973 999
Fax: 301 894

Embassy of Japan
City: Suva
Address: 2nd Floor, Dominion House, 1Suva, Fiji. (G.P.O.Box 13045)
Telepone: 304633
Fax: 302984

Embassy of Taiwan
City: Suva
Address: 6th Floor, Pacific House, Butt Streets Suva, Republic of Fiji (G. P. O. Box 53, Suva, Republic of Fiji)
Telepone: 315922
Fax: 301890

Embassy of United Kingdom
City: Suva
Address: Victoria House 47 Gladstone Road Suva (PO Box 1355)
Telepone: 311033
Fax: 301406

Embassy of United States of America
City: Suva
Address: P.O. Box 218
Telepone: (679) 3314 466