Economy of Forest Park, GA

Between 1994 and 1998, Clayton County averaged an annual unemployment rate of 5.4%, compared with the state’s average of 4.7%. City level unemployment data is not available for cities with populations of less than 10,000 persons, according to the 1990 Census.

In 1989, the median household income was $25,982 for the City of Forest Park. Statewide, the median household income was $29,021.

According to the 1992 Economic Census, sales from retail trade in Forest Park amounted to $21,642 per capita, compared to the state per capita figure of $7,388. A per capita retail trade figure greater than the statewide average may indicate that the city serves as a regional trade center.

The per capita income for the residents of Forest Park in 1990 was $11,946. This amount was less than the county’s per capita income of $13,577 and less than the state’s average of $13,631.