Demographic of Fayetteville, GA

According to 2000 Census, the City of Fayetteville had a population of 11,148 persons. Between 1990 and 2000, the city experienced a population increase of 91.3%, compared to the state growth during this period of 26.4%.

In Fayetteville, 80.4% of the residents were white and 14.0% were black, according to 2000 Census. Hispanics, who may be identified as either white or black, represented 2.8% of the city’s residents. Statewide, 65.1% of the population were white, 28.7% were black, and 5.3% were Hispanic.

According to the 2000 Census, 26.4% of the city’s residents were age 18 or younger, while 13.2% were age 65 or older. Statewide, 26.5% of the population were age 18 or younger and 9.6% were age 65 or older.

The 1990 Census indicates that in Fayetteville, 78.3% of the adult population (25 years of age and older) were high school graduates or higher and 18.4% of the adult population held a bachelor’s degree or higher. Statewide, 70.9% of the adult population were high school graduates or higher and 19.3% held a bachelor’s degree or higher.

School-age children in the City of Fayetteville attend schools in the Fayette County school system. Between 1992 and 1996, the average dropout rate for students in grades 8 through 12 was 5.5%. Statewide, the average dropout rate was 7.9% for the same time period. The Department of Education has changed the method of calculating total enrollment, which is used to calculate dropout rates. For the 1997-98 school year, the dropout rate for students in grades 9 through 12 was 2.3%, compared to the statewide rate of 6.5%.

The Joint Board of Family Practice reports that in 1996 the number of physicians in Fayette County was 1 per 1,000 population, compared to the state rate of 1.9. Fayette County had 1.1 hospital beds per 1,000 population in 1998, which was less than the statewide rate of 3.2. County data is provided, as data is not collected at the municipal level.

Data on the infant mortality rate for this city is unavailable. The statewide rate between 1992 and 1996 was 9.8 per 1,000 infants.

The 2000 Census indicates that 7.3% of the total households in Fayetteville were headed by females with children under 18 years of age, compared with a statewide figure of 8.6%. Also, 11.2% of the heads of households in Fayetteville were 65 years or older in age, compared with the statewide  figure of 7%.

According to the 1990 Census, the percentage of the population with incomes below the poverty level in Fayetteville¬†was 4.7%. Georgia’s poverty rate for the same year was 11.5% and the national rate was 13.5%. In addition, 8.4% of the children under 18 years of age and 3.4% of the elderly, persons age 65 years and over, lived below the poverty level in Fayetteville.

Based on 1990 Census data, 61.9% of the housing units in Fayetteville  were owner-occupied. The median value of these units was $90,900. Statewide, 64.9% of the housing units were owner-occupied, with a median value of $71,300.