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Qatar is on the Persian Gulf on the west coast of the Qatar peninsula. Covering an area of 11,440 square kilometers, it has a population of 620,000, about 40% of whom are local residents, with the rest foreigners. Residents are Muslim. Arabic is the official language, and English is also spoken. The currency is the Qatar riyal. The capital is Doha (Ad Dawhah). Qatar Map

National Flag

Qatar Flag
The left side of the flag of Qatar is white, while the right side is purple. The boundary between the two colors is a zigzag.

In the 7th century, Qatar was part of the Arab Empire. The Portuguese invaded in 1517. In 1555, it was incorporated into the Ottoman empire. In 1846, the Emirate of Qatar was setablished. In 1882, the British invaded. On September 5, 1971, Qatar declared independence.

Economic and Cultural Customs
The oil industry is its economic mainstay; Qatar is one of the world's leading oil exporters. Agriculture is characteristic of desert agriculture, growing cereal products, vegetables, fruits, dates, and feed. There is a coastal fishing industry and a long history of pearl collection.

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