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Kazakhstan - the World's Largest Landlocked Country
Kazakhstan, also known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, is in Central Asia. Covering an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers, the country has a population of 14.91 million from a total of 131 ethnic groups, mainly Kazak, hungry Ross family, and Ukrainian. Residents are Muslim. Kazakh is the national language. The currency is the tenge, and the capital is Astana (Astana).

National Flag

Kazakhstan Flag
The flag of Kazakhstan is light blue. In the middle of the flag is a golden sun and a golden eagle spreading its wings. On the flagpole side there is a vertical strip of traditional gold patterns.

 Kazakhstan Map

From the 6th to 8th century AD, the Turkish Empire was established, with suddenly riding facilities, Ge Luo Lu and other early feudal states. By the end of the fifteenth century, the Kazakh Khanate was established and was divided into large and small territories. In the 19th century, the whole territory of Kazakhstan was under the rule of Russia. From November 1917 to May 1918, Soviet power was established. On August 26, 1920, the Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was established. In 1956, Kazakhstan joined the Soviet Union as a republic. On December 10, 1991, it changed its name to the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in the same year, on December 16, officially declared independence. On December 21st, Kazakhstan joined the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Economic and Cultural Customs
Primary industries are metallurgy, coal, power, petrochemicals, and machinery. Agricultural products are wheat, cotton, sugar beet, tobacco, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. Ranching occupies vast land, mainly for sheep; wool production is high.

Kazakh people enjoy singing and dancing, especially singing. fThey often sing "Tamboura" with musical accompaniment. Men wear white summer shirts, wide-crotch trousers, and an embroidered cap or soft felt spire hat. In the winter, men wear fur coats and Gao Tong boots. Women love to wear large dresses, Jian Pi embroidered waistcoats, and a sharp cap.

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