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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands (British)
The Cayman Islands are located in the northwest Caribbean Sea and cover an area of 259 square kilometers. They have a population of 42,000, 40% of whom are of mixed heritage, 20% white, and 20% black. Residents are Christian and English is the primary language. The currency is the Cayman dollar, and the capital is Georgetown. Cayman Islands Map

Cayman Islands Flag


In 1503, Columbus discovered the islands. In 1670, under the Madrid Moscow Treaty, the Cayman Islands came under British rule, but 280 years ago, in 1959, the islands in fact the then British colony of Jamaica's possession, the sole jurisdiction of the Governor of Jamaica. After Jamaica gained independence in 1962, the islands became a separate British Crown Colony.

Economy and Cultural Customs

Financial services and tourism are the two economic pillars of the community.