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Argentina Import Restrictions

In order to enter Argentina, certain goods are subject to specific controls and, regardless of their value and quantity, they require the consent of Argentina government, preferably, license must be obtained prior to passage through the customs, preventing the goods from being retained. On this page, you will see what kinds of items are prohibited from entering the Argentina, and which items need special documentation before exporting to Argentina.

Import restrictions

Senders should determine import restrictions from Argentine authorities before posting:

Special documentation

Customs declarations

Parcels containing non-commercial articles, whose F.O.B. value does not exceed 900 USD may be admitted on the basis of a Customs declaration without the addressee being required to be on the Register of Importers.


Items whose contents has commercial value.

Origin of goods attached:

Only in the case of goods exchanged in accordance with the Latin American Integration Association (LAIA) or MERCOSUR countries.

Customs dues:

Invoice items with non-commercial contents of a value less than 25 USD are not subject to Customs dues.


In addition to items prohibited by Dangerous and Prohibited Goods & Packaging Post Guide and ECI International Courier Regulations, Argentina prohibits: