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Uruguay Airports

There are 13 airports in Uruguay.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Artigas Airport ATI Artigas Small
2 Bella Union Airport BUV Bella Union Small
3 Carrasco Airport MVD Montevideo Medium
4 Colonia Airport CYR Colonia Small
5 Durazno Airport DZO Durazno Small
6 Melo Airport MLZ Melo Small
7 Paysandu Airport PDU Paysandu Small
8 Punta Del Este Airport PDP Punta Del Este Small
9 Rivera Airport RVY Rivera Small
10 Salto Airport STY Salto Small
11 Tacuarembo Airport TAW Tacuarembo Small
12 Treinta-y-Tres Airport TYT Treinta-y-Tres Small
13 Vichadero Airport VCH Vichadero Small