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Illinois Airports

There are 45 airports in Illinois.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport SPI Springfield Medium
2 Albertus Airport FEP Freeport Small
3 Alton Airport ALN Alton Medium
4 Belleville Airport BLV Belleville Small
5 Bi-State Parks Airport CPS St Louis Medium
6 Cairo Airport CIR Cairo Small
7 Canton Airport CTK Canton Small
8 Central Illinois Regional Airport BMI Bloomington-Normal Medium
9 Coles County Memorial Airport MTO Mattoon Small
10 Decatur Airport DEC Decatur Medium
11 Dupage County Airport DPA Chicago Large
12 Galesburg Airport GBG Galesburg Small
13 Greater Kankakee Airport IKK Kankakee Medium
14 Greater Peoria Regional Airport PIA Peoria Medium
15 Greater Rockford Airport RFD Rockford Medium
16 Illinois Valley Regnl Airport VYS Peru Small
17 Leckrone Airport SLO Salem Small
18 Lewis Lockport Airport LOT Lockport Medium
19 Machesney Airport RMC Rockford Small
20 Memorial Airport UGN Waukegan Medium
21 Merrill C Meigs Airport CGX Chicago Small
22 Midway Airport MDW Chicago Large
23 Mt Vernon-Outland Airport MVN Mt Vernon Small
24 Municipal Airport AUZ Aurora Medium
25 Municipal Airport ENL Centralia Small
26 Municipal Airport GRE Greenville Small
27 Municipal Airport IJX Jacksonville Small
28 Municipal Airport JOT Joliet Small
29 Municipal Airport LWV Lawrenceville Small
30 Municipal Airport MQB Macomb Small
31 Municipal Airport UIN Quincy Medium
32 O'Hare International Airport ORD Chicago Huge
33 Olney-Noble Airport OLY Olney Small
34 Pal-Waukee Airport PWK Chicago Medium
35 Quad City International Airport MLI Moline Large
36 Raleigh Airport HSB Harrisburg Small
37 Rinkenberger Airport BDF Bradford Small
38 Sky Harbor Airport OBK Northbrook Small
39 Southern Illinois Airport MDH Carbondale Medium
40 Sparta Community Airport SAR Sparta Small
41 Vandalia Airport VLA Vandalia Small
42 Vermilion County Airport DNV Danville Small
43 Whiteside County Airport SQI Sterling Rockfalls Small
44 Willard University Airport CMI Champaign Large
45 Williamson County Airport MWA Marion Medium