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Ukraine Airports

There are 36 airports in Ukraine.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Belbek Airport UKS Sevastopol Small
2 Berdyansk Airport ERD Berdyansk Small
3 Borispol Airport KBP Kiev Large
4 Central Airport ODS Odessa Medium
5 Cherkassy Airport CKC Cherkassy Small
6 Chernigov Airport CEJ Chernigov Small
7 Chernovtsy Airport CWC Chernovtsy Small
8 Dnepropetrovsk Airport DNK Dnepropetrovsk Medium
9 Donetsk Airport DOK Donetsk Medium
10 Ivano-Frankovsk Airport IFO Ivano-Frankovsk Small
11 Kamenets-Podolskiy Airport KCP Kamenets-Podolskiy Small
12 Kerch Airport KHC Kerch Small
13 Kharkov Airport HRK Kharkov (Kharkiv) Medium
14 Kherson Airport KHE Kherson Small
15 Khmelnitskiy Airport HMJ Khmelnitskiy Small
16 Kirovograd Airport KGO Kirovograd Small
17 Kramatorsk Airport KRQ Kramatorsk Small
18 Kremenchug Airport KHU Kremenchug Small
19 Krivoy Rog Airport KWG Krivoy Rog Small
20 Lugansk Airport VSG Lugansk Small
21 Lutsk Airport UCK Lutsk Small
22 Mariupol Airport MPW Mariupol Small
23 Mirgorod Airport MXR Mirgorod Small
24 Nikolaev Airport NLV Nikolaev Small
25 Poltava Airport PLV Poltava Small
26 Rovno Airport RWN Rovno Small
27 Severodoneck Airport SEV Severodoneck Small
28 Simferopol Airport SIP Simferopol Medium
29 Snilow Airport LWO Lviv Medium
30 Sumy Airport UMY Sumy Small
31 Ternopol Airport TNL Ternopol Small
32 Uzhgorod Airport UDJ Uzhgorod Small
33 Vinnica Airport VIN Vinnica Small
34 Zaporozhye Airport OZH Zaporozhye Small
35 Zhitomir Airport ZTR Zhitomir Small
36 Zhulhany Airport IEV Kiev Medium