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Tanzania Airports

There are 29 airports in Tanzania.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Arusha Airport ARK Arusha Small
2 Bukoba Airport BKZ Bukoba Small
3 Dar Es Salaam International Airport DAR Dar Es Salaam Medium
4 Dodoma Airport DOD Dodoma Small
5 Geita Airport GIT Geita Small
6 Kigoma Airport TKQ Kigoma Small
7 Kikwetu Airport LDI Lindi Small
8 Kilimanjaro Airport JRO Kilimanjaro Medium
9 Kilwa Airport KIY Kilwa Small
10 Kisauni Airport ZNZ Zanzibar Medium
11 Lake Manyara Airport LKY Lake Manyara Small
12 Lushoto Airport LUY Lushoto Small
13 Mafia Airport MFA Mafia Small
14 Masasi Airport XMI Masasi Small
15 Mbeya Airport MBI Mbeya Small
16 Mtwara Airport MYW Mtwara Small
17 Musoma Airport MUZ Musoma Small
18 Mwadui Airport MWN Mwadui Small
19 Mwanza Airport MWZ Mwanza Small
20 Nachingwea Airport NCH Nachingwea Small
21 Nduli Airport IRI Iringa Small
22 Njombe Airport JOM Njombe Small
23 Seronera Airport SEU Seronera Small
24 Shinyanga Airport SHY Shinyanga Small
25 Songea Airport SGX Songea Small
26 Sumbawanga Airport SUT Sumbawanga Small
27 Tabora Airport TBO Tabora Small
28 Tanga Airport TGT Tanga Small
29 Wawi Airport PMA Pemba Small