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Taiwan Airports

There are 22 airports in Taiwan.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Chi Mei Airport CMJ Chi Mei Small
2 Chiang Kai Shek (CKS) International Airport TPE Taipei Large
3 Chiayi Airport CYI Chiayi Small
4 ChingChuanKang Airport RMQ Taichung Small
5 Green Island Airport GNI Green Island Small
6 Hengchun Airport HCN Hengchun Small
7 Hsinchu Airport HSZ Hsinchu Small
8 Hualien Airport HUN Hualien Small
9 Kaohsiung International Airport KHH Kaohsiung Medium
10 Lishan Airport LHN Lishan Small
11 Makung Airport MZG Makung Small
12 Matsu Airport MFK Matsu Small
13 Nangan Airport LZN Nangan Small
14 Orchid Island Airport KYD Orchid Island Small
15 Pingtung Airport PIF Pingtung Small
16 Shang-Yi Airport KNH Kinmen Small
17 Sun Moon Lake Airport SMT Sun Moon Lake Small
18 Sung Shan (Songshan) Airport TSA Taipei Small
19 Taichung Airport TXG Taichung Small
20 Tainan Airport TNN Tainan Small
21 Taitung Airport TTT Taitung Small
22 Wonan Airport WOT Wonan Small