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South Korea Airports

There are 24 airports in South Korea.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Ab Airport OSN Osan Small
2 Cheongju International Airport CJJ Cheongju Medium
3 Daegu International Airport TAE Daegu (Taegu) Medium
4 Gangneung Airport KAG Gangneung Small
5 Gimhae International Airport PUS Busan (Pusan) Medium
6 Gimpo (Kimpo) International Airport GMP Seoul Medium
7 Gunsan Airport KUV Gunsan Small
8 Gwangju Airport KWJ Gwangju Medium
9 Incheon International Airport ICN Seoul Huge
10 Jeju International Airport CJU Jeju Medium
11 Jeonju Airport CHN Jeonju Small
12 Jinhae Airport CHF Jinhae Small
13 Mokpo Airport MPK Mokpo Medium
14 Pohang Airport KPO Pohang Medium
15 Sacheon Airport HIN Jinju Medium
16 Samcheok Airport SUK Samcheok Small
17 Seolak Airport SHO Sokcho Small
18 Suwon Airport SWU Suwon Small
19 Ulsan Airport USN Ulsan Medium
20 WonJu Airport WJU WonJu Small
21 Yangyang International Airport YNY Yangyang Small
22 Yecheon Airport YEC Yecheon Small
23 Yeosu Airport SYS Suncheon Small
24 Yeosu Airport RSU Yeosu Medium