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Somalia Airports

There are 21 airports in Somalia.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Alula Airport ALU Alula Small
2 Baidoa Airport BIB Baidoa Small
3 Bardera Airport BSY Bardera Small
4 Berbera Airport BBO Berbera Small
5 Borama Airport BXX Borama Small
6 Bossaso Airport BSA Bossaso Small
7 Burao Airport BUO Burao Small
8 Candala Airport CXN Candala Small
9 Eil Airport HCM Eil Small
10 Erigavo Airport ERA Erigavo Small
11 Galcaio Airport GLK Galcaio Small
12 Garbaharey Airport GBM Garbaharey Small
13 Gardo Airport GSR Gardo Small
14 Garoe Airport GGR Garoe Small
15 Hargeisa Airport HGA Hargeisa Small
16 Kismayu Airport KMU Kismayu Small
17 Las Khoreh Airport LKR Las Khoreh Small
18 Lugh Ganane Airport LGX Lugh Ganane Small
19 Mogadishu International Airport MGQ Mogadishu Small
20 Obbia Airport CMO Obbia Small
21 Scusciuban Airport CMS Scusciuban Small