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Romania Airports

There are 18 airports in Romania.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Arad Airport ARW Arad Small
2 Bacau Airport BCM Bacau Small
3 Baia Mare Airport BAY Baia Mare Small
4 Baneasa Airport BBU Bucharest Small
5 Caransebes Airport CSB Caransebes Small
6 Craiova Airport CRA Craiova Small
7 Deva Airport DVA Deva Small
8 Iasi Airport IAS Iasi Small
9 Kogalniceanu Airport CND Constanta Small
10 Oradea Airport OMR Oradea Small
11 Otopeni International Airport OTP Bucharest Large
12 Salcea Airport SCV Suceava Small
13 Satu Mare Airport SUJ Satu Mare Small
14 Sibiu Airport SBZ Sibiu Small
15 Someseni International Airport CLJ Cluj-Napoca Small
16 Timisoara Airport TSR Timisoara Medium
17 Tirgu Mures Airport TGM Tirgu Mures Small
18 Tulcea Airport TCE Tulcea Small