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New Caledonia Airports

There are 16 airports in New Caledonia.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Belep Island Airport BMY Belep Island Small
2 Hienghene Airport HNG Hienghene Small
3 Houailou Airport HLU Houailou Small
4 Ile Des Pins Airport ILP Ile Des Pins Small
5 Ile Ouen Airport IOU Ile Ouen Small
6 Kone Airport KNQ Kone Small
7 Koumac Airport KOC Koumac Small
8 Lifou Airport LIF Lifou Small
9 Magenta Airport GEA Noumea Small
10 Mare Airport MEE Mare Small
11 Mueo Airport PDC Mueo Small
12 Ouvea Airport UVE Ouvea Small
13 Poum Airport PUV Poum Small
14 Tiga Airport TGJ Tiga Small
15 Tontouta Airport NOU Noumea Medium
16 Touho Airport TOU Touho Small