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Netherlands Airports

There are 14 airports in Netherlands.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 De Kooy Airport DHR Den Helder Small
2 Eelde Airport GRQ Groningen Medium
3 Eindhoven Airport EIN Eindhoven Medium
4 Gilze-Rijen Airport GLZ Breda Small
5 Leeuwarden Airport LWR Leeuwarden Small
6 Lelystad Airport LEY Lelystad Small
7 Maastricht/Aachen Airport MST Maastricht Medium
8 Rotterdam Airport RTM Rotterdam Small
9 Schiphol Airport AMS Amsterdam Huge
10 Soesterberg Airport UTC Utrecht Small
11 Twente Airport ENS Enschede Small
12 Valkenburg Airport LID Leiden Small
13 Volkel Airport UDE Uden Small
14 Woensdrecht Airport BZM Bergen Op Zoom Small