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Montenegro in the Adriatic east coast, all known as the Republic of Montenegro. An area of 13,800 square kilometers. Population of 620,000, mainly for the Montenegrin nation. Residents are Orthodox. The official language is Montenegrin language. Currency dinar. Capital Bodegecha. Montenegro Map

National Flag

Montenegro Flag

The Montenegro flag is rectangular, with a red background, a decorated with gold border and in the center a double-headed eagle design.


Note: See Serbia and Montenegro.

Economic and Cultural Customs

The Montenegrin economy has suffered due to war and the resulting sanctions. Agriculture consists of wheat, corn, sugar beet and sunflowers alongside cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock. The Adriatic coast and national park are famous tourist spots. Its economic development depends heavily on the United States, European Union and other assistance. In recent years, with an improving external environment and advancing economic reform Montenegro has restored economic growth.

Du Mituo National Park

This national park has an area of 350 square kilometers, including Dumitor mountain peaks and the Tara river canyon. Dumitor Peaks have carved glaciers, showing a fantastic natural beauty, its many peaks and ridges separated by glacial lakes, with 16 mountains altogether. The largest is the black lake. Canyons, caves and so constitute a school of the typical Ka Chi Mei incomparable scenery of hand. Here is a large-scale plant conservation areas, plant variety, growth flourish. Tara canyon black pine is the original black pine in Europe one of the last few.

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