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Mongolia Airports

There are 22 airports in Mongolia.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Altai Airport LTI Altai Small
2 Arvaikheer Airport AVK Arvaikheer Small
3 Baruun-Urt Airport UUN Baruun-Urt Small
4 Bayankhongor Airport BYN Bayankhongor Small
5 Bulgan Airport UGA Bulgan Small
6 Buyant Uhaa Airport ULN Ulaanbaatar Medium
7 Choibalsan Airport COQ Choibalsan Small
8 Dalanzadgad Airport DLZ Dalanzadgad Small
9 Erdenet Airport ERT Erdenet Small
10 Kharkhorin Airport KHR Kharkhorin Small
11 Khatgal Airport HTM Khatgal Small
12 Khovd Airport HVD Khovd Small
13 Khujirt Airport HJT Khujirt Small
14 Mandalgobi Airport MXW Mandalgobi Small
15 Moron Airport MXV Moron Small
16 Tosontsengel Airport TNZ Tosontsengel Small
17 Tsetserleg Airport TSZ Tsetserleg Small
18 Ulaangom Airport ULO Ulaangom Small
19 Ulgit Airport ULG Ulgit Small
20 Uliastai Airport ULZ Uliastai Small
21 Umnugobitour Airport UGT Umnugobitour Small
22 Underkhaan Airport UNR Underkhaan Small