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Mauritania Airports

There are 22 airports in Mauritania.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abbaye Airport BGH Boghe Small
2 Aioun El Atrouss Airport AEO Aioun El Atrouss Small
3 Akjoujt Airport AJJ Akjoujt Small
4 Aleg Airport LEG Aleg Small
5 Boutilimit Airport OTL Boutilimit Small
6 Chinguitti Airport CGT Chinguitti Small
7 El Gouera Airport ZLG El Gouera Small
8 Fderik Airport FGD Fderik Small
9 Kaedi Airport KED Kaedi Small
10 Kiffa Airport KFA Kiffa Small
11 Mbout Airport MBR Mbout Small
12 Mouakchott Airport ATR Atar Small
13 Moudjeria Airport MOM Moudjeria Small
14 Nema Airport EMN Nema Small
15 Nouadhibou Airport NDB Nouadhibou Small
16 Nouakchott Airport NKC Nouakchott Medium
17 Selibaby Airport SEY Selibaby Small
18 Tamchakett Airport THT Tamchakett Small
19 Tichitt Airport THI Tichitt Small
20 Tidjikja Airport TIY Tidjikja Small
21 Timbedra Airport TMD Timbedra Small
22 Zouerate Airport OUZ Zouerate Small