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Kiribati Airports

There are 21 airports in Kiribati.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abaiang Airport ABF Abaiang Small
2 Abemama Atoll Airport AEA Abemama Atoll Small
3 Aranuka Airport AAK Aranuka Small
4 Arorae Island Airport AIS Arorae Island Small
5 Beru Airport BEZ Beru Small
6 Bonriki Airport TRW Tarawa Small
7 Butaritari Airport BBG Butaritari Small
8 Canton Island Airport CIS Canton Island Small
9 Christmas Island Airport CXI Christmas Island Small
10 Kuria Airport KUC Kuria Small
11 Maiana Airport MNK Maiana Small
12 Makin Island Airport MTK Makin Island Small
13 Marakei Airport MZK Marakei Small
14 Nikunau Airport NIG Nikunau Small
15 Nonouti Airport NON Nonouti Small
16 Onotoa Airport OOT Onotoa Small
17 Tabiteuea North Airport TBF Tabiteuea North Small
18 Tabiteuea South Airport TSU Tabiteuea South Small
19 Tabuaeran Airport TNV Tabuaeran Small
20 Tamana Island Airport TMN Tamana Island Small
21 Teraina Airport TNQ Teraina Small