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Iraq Airports

There are 14 airports in Iraq.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Al Muthana Airport BGW Baghdad Small
2 Al Najaf International Airport NJF Najaf Small
3 Baghdad International Airport SDA Baghdad Small
4 Balad Airport XQC Balad Small
5 Bamerny Airport BMN Bamerny Small
6 Baqubah Airport XQV Baqubah Small
7 Basra International Airport BSR Basra Small
8 Erbil International Airport EBL Erbil Small
9 Khan Al Baghdadi Airport XIH Khan Al Baghdadi Small
10 Kirkuk Airport KIK Kirkuk Small
11 Mosul Airport OSM Mosul Small
12 Nasiriyah Airport XNH Nasiriyah Small
13 Ramidi Airport XTM Ramadi Small
14 Tikrit Airport XTV Tikrit Small