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Guatemala Airports

There are 22 airports in Guatemala.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Base Aerea Del Sur Airport RER Retalhuleu Small
2 Carmelita Airport CMM Carmelita Small
3 Chiquimula Airport CIQ Chiquimula Small
4 Coatepeque Airport CTF Coatepeque Small
5 Coban Airport CBV Coban Small
6 Dos Lagunas Airport DON Dos Lagunas Small
7 El Naranjo Airport ENJ El Naranjo Small
8 El Peten Airport TKM Tikal Small
9 Huehuetenango Airport HUG Huehuetenango Small
10 La Aurora Airport GUA Guatemala City Large
11 Las Vegas Airport LCF Rio Dulce Small
12 Los Tablones Airport LOX Los Tablones Small
13 Melchor De Menco Airport MCR Melchor De Menco Small
14 Paso Caballos Airport PCG Paso Caballos Small
15 Playa Grande Airport PKJ Playa Grande Small
16 Poptun Airport PON Poptun Small
17 Puerto Barrios Airport PBR Puerto Barrios Small
18 Quetzaltenango Airport AAZ Quetzaltenango Small
19 Quiche Airport AQB Quiche Small
20 Rubelsanto Airport RUV Rubelsanto Small
21 Santa Elena Airport FRS Flores Small
22 Uaxactun Airport UAX Uaxactun Small