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Guadeloupe Airports

There are 11 airports in Guadeloupe.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Baillif Airport BBR Basse Terre Small
2 Esperance Airport SFG St Martin Small
3 Grand Case Airport CCE St Martin Small
4 La Desirade Airport DSD La Desirade Small
5 Le Raizet Airport PTP Pointe-a-Pitre Medium
6 Les Bases Airport GBJ Marie Galante Small
7 Marigot Seaplane Base MSB St Martin Small
8 St Barthelemy Airport SBH St Barthelemy Small
9 St Francois Airport SFC St Francois Small
10 Terre-de-Bas Airport HTB Terre-de-Bas Small
11 Terre-de-Haut Airport LSS Terre-de-Haut Small