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Embassies in Lesotho

The following are embassies and consulates of other countries to Lesotho:

Embassy of Canada
City: Maseru
Address: Maseru Book Centre Kingsway, 1st Floor, Maseru
Telepone: 311256
Fax: 311256

Embassy of Denmark
City: Maseru
Address: Royal Danish Consulate

Embassy of Denmark
City: Maseru
Address: Site 16 Mohlomi Road, Industrial Area, P.O.Box 1259, Maseru 100
Telepone: 313630
Fax: 310138

Embassy of United Kingdom
City: Maseru
Address: P O Box Ms 521 Maseru 100
Telepone: 313961
Fax: 310120

Embassy of United States of America
City: Maseru
Address: American Embassy Maseru P.O. Box 333 Maseru 100 Lesotho
Telepone: +266 22 312 666
Fax: +266 22 310 116