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Egypt Airports

There are 26 airports in Egypt.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Abu Rudeis Airport AUE Abu Rudeis Small
2 Abu Simbel Airport ABS Abu Simbel Small
3 Al Arish Airport AAC Al Arish Small
4 Alalamain International Airport DBB Dabaa City Small
5 Assiut Airport ATZ Assiut Medium
6 Aswan Airport ASW Aswan Small
7 Borg El Arab Airport HBE Alexandria Medium
8 Cairo International Airport CAI Cairo Huge
9 Dakhla Airport DAK Dakhla Oasis Small
10 El Minya Airport EMY El Minya Small
11 El Nozha Airport ALY Alexandria Medium
12 Hurghada Airport HRG Hurghada Medium
13 Kharga Airport UVL Kharga Small
14 Luxor Airport LXR Luxor Medium
15 Manguna Airport MFO Manguna Small
16 Marsa Alam Airport RMF Marsa Alam Medium
17 Mersa Matruh Airport MUH Mersa Matruh Small
18 Mount Sinai Airport SKV Santa Katarina Small
19 Port Said Airport PSD Port Said Small
20 Ramadan Airport TFR Ramadan Small
21 Shark Elowainat Airport GSQ Shark Elowainat Small
22 Sharm El Sheikh International Airport SSH Sharm El Sheikh Large
23 Sidi Barani Airport SQK Sidi Barani Small
24 Siwa Airport SEW Siwa Small
25 Taba International Airport TCP Taba Small
26 Tour Sinai City Airport ELT Tour Sinai City Small