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Denmark Airports

There are 19 airports in Denmark.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Aalborg Airport AAL Aalborg Medium
2 Beldringe Airport ODE Odense Small
3 Billund Airport BLL Billund Medium
4 Bornholm Airport RNN Bornholm Small
5 Copenhagen Airport CPH Copenhagen Huge
6 Esbjerg Airport EBJ Esbjerg Medium
7 Karup Airport KRP Karup Small
8 Laeso Airport BYR Laeso Island Small
9 Maribo Airport MRW Maribo Small
10 Roskilde Airport RKE Copenhagen Small
11 Sindal Airport CNL Sindal Small
12 Skive Airport SQW Skive Small
13 Sonderborg Airport QSG Sonderborg Small
14 Sonderborg Airport SGD Sonderborg Small
15 Stauning Airport STA Stauning Small
16 Thisted Airport TED Thisted Small
17 Tirstrup Airport AAR Aarhus Medium
18 Vejle Airport VEJ Vejle Small
19 Vojens Airport SKS Vojens Small