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Congo Airports

There are 25 airports in Congo.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Betou Airport BTB Betou Small
2 Boundji Airport BOE Boundji Small
3 Djambala Airport DJM Djambala Small
4 Epena Airport EPN Epena Small
5 Ewo Airport EWO Ewo Small
6 Gamboma Airport GMM Gamboma Small
7 Impfondo Airport ION Impfondo Small
8 Kelle Airport KEE Kelle Small
9 Kindamba Airport KNJ Kindamba Small
10 Lague Airport LCO Lague Small
11 Lekana Airport LKC Lekana Small
12 Loubomo Airport DIS Loubomo Small
13 Makabana Airport KMK Makabana Small
14 Makoua Airport MKJ Makoua Small
15 Maya Maya Airport BZV Brazzaville Medium
16 Mossendjo Airport MSX Mossendjo Small
17 Mouyondzi Airport MUY Mouyondzi Small
18 Nkayi Airport NKY Nkayi Small
19 Okoyo Airport OKG Okoyo Small
20 Ouesso Airport OUE Ouesso Small
21 Owando Airport FTX Owando Small
22 Pointe Noire Airport PNR Pointe Noire Small
23 Sibiti Airport SIB Sibiti Small
24 Souanke Airport SOE Souanke Small
25 Zanaga Airport ANJ Zanaga Small