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Central African Republic Airports

There are 24 airports in Central African Republic.
# Airport Abbreviation Location Size
1 Bakouma Airport BMF Bakouma Small
2 Bambari Airport BBY Bambari Small
3 Bangassou Airport BGU Bangassou Small
4 Bangui Airport BGF Bangui Medium
5 Batangafo Airport BTG Batangafo Small
6 Berberati Airport BBT Berberati Small
7 Birao Airport IRO Birao Small
8 Bossangoa Airport BSN Bossangoa Small
9 Bossembele Airport BEM Bossembele Small
10 Bouar Airport BOP Bouar Small
11 Bouca Airport BCF Bouca Small
12 Bozoum Airport BOZ Bozoum Small
13 Bria Airport BIV Bria Small
14 Carnot Airport CRF Carnot Small
15 Gordil Airport GDI Gordil Small
16 Gounda Airport GDA Gounda Small
17 Kawadjia Airport KWD Kawadjia Small
18 Koumala Airport KOL Koumala Small
19 Ndele Airport NDL Ndele Small
20 Ouadda Airport ODA Ouadda Small
21 Ouanda Djalle Airport ODJ Ouanda Djalle Small
22 Rafai Airport RFA Rafai Small
23 Yalinga Airport AIG Yalinga Small
24 Zemio Airport IMO Zemio Small